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Telephone Cable

Telecommunication cables:
Transmitting audio frequency signals, analog signals up to 150kHz or digital signals up to 2048kbit/s and in certain condition can carry digital signals which is higher than 2048kbit/s. The product is suitable for the communication lines in town, outskirts and local areas. It is designed for aerial/duct/burial use in exchange area service.
Usage (for broadband applications)
The product is suitable for transmitting system of long-distance optical network cell and subscriber, or subsystem as connection between floor and floor in integrated wiring system of buildings. Transmitting frequency (Max.): 30MHz or 100MHz.

Type:HSYA-30/100  HSYAC-30/100  HSYAT-30/100  HSYA53-30/100  HSYAT53-30/100
Part products introduction
1. HYA (Duct/Aerial)
Conductor diameter(mm): 0.32、0.40、0.50、0.60、0.70、0.80、0.90
Size(Pairs): 5~3000
Conductor diameter(mm): 0.50、0.60、0.90
Size(Pairs): 4~200

2. HYAC(Aerial)
Conductor diameter(mm):0.40、0.50、0.60、0.63、0.70、0.80、0.90
Conductor diameter (mm): 0.50、0.60、0.90
Size(Pairs): 4

3. HYAT (Prevents the entrance of water)
Conductor diameter (mm): 0.32、0.40、0.50、0.60、0.63、0.70、0.80、0.90
Size(Pairs): 10~1600
Conductor diameter(mm): 0.50、0.60、0.90
Size(Pairs): 4~200

4. HYA53/HYAT53(Rodent-proof/ Direct burial)
Conductor diameter (mm):0.40、0.50、0.60、0.70、0.80、0.90
Size(Pairs):HYA53 10
~2400  HYAT53  10~600
Conductor diameter(mm): 0.50、0.60、0.90
Size(Pairs): 4

5. HYA553/HYAT553(Rodent-proof/ Direct burial)
Conductor diameter (mm):0.40、0.50、0.60、0.70、0.80、0.90
Size(Pairs):HYA553 10
~2400     HYAT553  10~600